April M. Rimpo and Elaine Weiner-Reed

In this Ekphrastic exhibit, the paintings of Rimpo and Weiner-Reed will inspire written word, poetic, and

musical compositions from viewers. The community is invited and encouraged to participate in-person in the special events  scheduled throughout the exhibit for written word readings and musical presentations.


If you are interested in purchasing the artwork available in this exhibit, please email us so that we can provide personalized service. 


April M Rimpo uses color, light, and texture as her tools to tell stories of a place or the people she meets in her travels. Color helps to set the emotions April feels about the scene; light and dark help you focus on what April feels is the focus of her painting, and textural effects are used for a variety a reasons, including to create a sense of energy.

In 2021 April left her full-time job as a systems engineer and made art her full time career. Since that time, she has achieved Signature artist status in six watercolor societies, the International Society of Acrylic Painters, and the International Society of Experimental Arts. Her art has been selected for over 70 national or international exhibitions, mostly within the U.S. plus China and Spain. Her art has received a variety of awards in local and national exhibitions. Her art is in private collections across the United States. Learn more about Rimpo's art.

Elaine Weiner-Reed creates abstract assemblages in form, color, and line. Her work honors the human spirit in all its colors, resiliency, and fortitude. Elaine's creative process involves analyzing and then building each individual in layers, mimicking the way in which identities are formed throughout one’s lifetime: layer by colorful or complex layer.  In her paintings, Weiner-Reed lets the form and placement of figures imply subsurface content, energy, and emotion. From the gritty to the glorious, her work celebrates life’s sweet journey. Monuments to life, her works resurrect feelings of transcendence, mystery, and hope.

Elaine is an award-winning, internationally known visual artist. She earned an M.A. from Middlebury College, Vermont, and a B.A. and B.S. in French with an undeclared minor in Sculpture from West Chester University, Pennsylvania. She retired from her full-time job in government service in 2017 so she could devote herself more fully to her vocation as an artist. Her art has been included in international exhibitions in China, Hong Kong, India, Italy, Spain, France, Poland, Canada, and over 70 international, national, and regional exhibits across the U.S. – including three solo and two group shows in Chelsea (NYC). Her work is in public, private, museum, and corporate collections in the U.S. and Europe. Learn more about Weiner-Reed's art.