Resident Artists


Pattie Archuleta

Kate Arslambakova

Stephanie Burgee

Shirley Hubalek

Jeanine McClain

Rice McKelvin

Margaret McKinley

Morna McNulty

Rikiesha Metzger

Suzanne Morgan

Melanie Sanderson

Brian Schropp

Nick Swaner

Alexis Tyson

Siobhan Vicens

Ron Wise

Member Artists

Lauren Loran

Pitterra Studios

Katherine Broadwater

Julia Graham

Emily Maleson

Floyd Johnson

Marcia Dresner

Sheila Maleson

Dave Hardell

Adam Nickel

Devin Mack

Edna Garte

Vinnie Adams

Ann Quinn

Misty Letz Studios


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of Artists.   Click HERE


About Guild Artists

The Baltimore County Arts Guild supports experienced and emerging artists who are  affiliated with our programs in a variety of ways. They might be Resident Artists who take part in our Resident Artist Program, or Artists who teach, volunteer, and otherwise support the mission of the Guild to grow a creative culture in Baltimore County. 

To read more about our Resident Artist Program and our mission to provide affordable studio space in a collaborative environment for artists, click HERE.

Artists interested in teaching classes or leading events should fill out the form that can be found HERE.

Resident Artists can pay their rent at the link below: