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Elizabeth Albinson

Elizabeth Albinson, a native of Prince George's County, MD, currently lives in Frederick, MD. She is an elementary school art educator at Urbana Elementary in Frederick County. In addition, she currently works as an artist while working towards her graduate degree at Towson University. 

William Borja

As a photographer and printmaler, Will Borja likes to draw inspiration from both mediums. In his small series, he used photography which is based predominantly around portraiture as his subject matter. Through the print making process, he wanted to highlight texture as a means of drawing the viewer in. He loves to experiment with alternative processes within photography and he wanted to emulate that same aesthetic through the printmaking medium. 

Katherine Broadwater

Committed art leader, Katherine Broadwater has a demonstrated history of working in higher education as the Director of Art Education at Towson University. She has been a lifelong arts advocate with a history of working with Baltimore City youth, arts education, arts integration, curriculum planning, and arts administration. She is a mom to four sons and grandmother to seven.

Mary Elizabeth Dickman

Mary Elizabeth Dickman is an artist and teacher at Baltimore County Public Schools. She first started teaching when she was thirteen years old at a private studio in Baltimore County. When she was seven, she first entered a private studio where her artistic journey began and her road to teaching started. She was the youngest student to be admitted. Dickman is from Hunt Valley, MD and was always inspired by nature and the outdoors. Her art shows different segments of her life. As an artist, her and her camera are joined at the hip as she photographs everything she sees. She uses these photographs as references for her artwork.

Elizabeth Eckley

Allyson Franklin

Allyson Franklin is currently a full time teacher in Carroll County, MD. "Art has been a safe place that allowed me to express myself no matter where I was in my life."

Alexandra Garove

Alex Garove is an artist and art educator based out of Baltimore, MD. Creating since she could hold a crayon, she currently dabbles in a variety of media and techniques including photography, painting, digital and traditional illustration, fibers, mosaics, and floral design. She is embarking on her eighth year of teaching, and currently teaching digital arts and photography at a Baltimore County high school. 

Cara Howell

Cara is an artist and educator based in Baltimore, MD. She teaches art for Baltimore County Public Schools and is currently seeking her Master's in Art Education from Towson University. Cara's favorite activities include travelling, cooking, and practicing yoga. She draws much of her inspiration from her love of spending time outdoors and admiring nature.

Diana Kuthy

Artist Teacher, Diane Kuthy has organized curricular, social, and artistic provocations for educators in museum, virtual, community and school contexts. She is an assistant professor in the Department of Art + Design, Art History, Art Education at Towson University. Her arts-based research focuses on preparing pre-service art teachers and their students to critically understand the historic role of visual and material culture in creating, maintaining, and resisting white supremacy. Diane received her PhD from the Language, Literacy and Culture program at the University of Maryland in Baltimore County and her MFA from the Mount Royal School of Art at the Maryland Institute College of Art. Her most recent paintings explore her reconnection to nature during the pandemic. 

Nicole Lenderking

Nicki Lenderking grew up with an immense fascination for visual art, but didn't realize her own artistic potential until taking an introductory art course at community college. During her enrollment in the fine arts program at CCBC, she found her passion for art, paired with her enjoyment in working with kids, led her to the realization that art education would be a perfect career pathway. With that, she transferred with a fine art associates degree to pursue a bachelor's degree in art education at Towson University. In the spring of 2015, she graduated with her teaching degree and became a proud art teacher of about 600 amazing art students at an elementary school in Southeast Baltimore County. After a few years teaching, she was led back into the art education program at Towson University to pursue a graduate degree and is currently expected to graduate in the summer of 2021. While focusing on her growth as an art teacher over the past 5 years, it has become challenging to find time to create one's own artwork. The Teacher-Artist Connection course at Towson University has taught that continuing to make one's own artwork not only helps develop as an artist, but also enhances the ability to teach. She mostly enjoys working with watercolor and acrylic paint, however also dabbles in pyrography and digital photography. Her main focus has been creating commission artwork but has found consistent inspiration in nature and animals as they are often the subject matter in her personal artwork. Her hope is to continue the beautiful balance of being an art educator as well as being an artist because of the importance of creating one's own artwork adds to what there is to offer in the realms of teaching. 

Samantha Nachlas

Samantha Nachlas is a potter and a Maryland Public School art teacher. She started creating pottery as a form of meditation, as a way to slow down and find peace and connection to nature. Her collection in the exhibit reflects one of her biggest inspirations, earth's powerful forces of nature. 

Lauren Pellegrini

Lauren currently teaches for Baltimore County Public Schools at Oliver Beach Elementary School and Perry Hall Elementary School. She graduated Summa Cum Laude from Towson University with a B.S. in Art Education. Lauren currently attends Towson as a graduate student in the Art Education program. When she is not teaching, studying, or painting, Lauren enjoys hiking and swimming with her family and dog, Lola. She enjoys travelling and reading. Lauren is inspired by places that bring her comfort and joy and hopes to capture this in her paintings.

Alison Scher

Alison Scher is a teacher at Gaithersburg Middle School in Montgomery County. She began her graduate degree at Towson University where she also completed her undergraduate. She was a member of Towne's Equestrian team and loves dogs. Her preferred medium is film but has begun to also work in watercolor and acrylic paints. 

Gloria Sleeman

Gloria Sleeman grew up in Baltimore City and has always had a passion for the arts. She received her BFA in Visual Media from RIT in 2010, and then went on to earn her BS degree in Art Education from Towson University in 2015. Gloria is currently working towards her Master's in Art Education at Towson University and is entering her sixth year of teaching Visual Arts in Baltimore City Public Schools. 

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