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Upcoming Exhibits

The Clubhouse- 10 St. Timothy Lane, Catonsville

Degrees of Separation

May 1- May 22


Opening on May 1st, Degrees of Separation explores the relationship that proximity and spatial relation have with an individual’s ability to understand, experience, and engage. Just as physical distance changes one’s perspective regarding a piece of artwork, so is one’s understanding of the carceral system shaped by their proximity to a person impacted by the system. Utilizing the Baltimore County Arts Guild gallery’s unique space, the exhibit challenges each viewer’s engagement with the art. JAC hopes that this experience with the art will challenge viewers to examine their own understanding of incarceration.

Join us at our Opening Reception

Sun, May 15, 2022

3:00 PM – 5:00 PM EDT


This reception will include live viewings of the artwork, recordings of

artist interviews and artist talks, as well as refreshments.

About the Justice Arts Coalition: Justice Arts Coalition (JAC) unites teaching artists, arts advocates, artists who are or have been incarcerated and their allies, harnessing the transformative power of the arts to reimagine justice. Through the sharing of resources, stories, and learning opportunities, JAC is building a nationwide collective of people who are committed to increasing opportunities for creative expression in carceral settings, amplifying the voices of those most impacted by mass incarceration, and shaping public dialogue around the intersection of the arts and justice. Initially formed by veteran teaching artists Judith Tannenbaum, Julia Taylor, Emily Harris, Allie Horevitz, Rachael Zafer (Hudak), Jaime Nelson, and Suzanne Gothard in 2008 as the Prison Arts Coalition, JAC has remained a grassroots, volunteer-led project throughout its recent transformation into a national 501c3 nonprofit organization.  

Previous Exhibits 



November 12 through December 19

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April M Rimpo and Elaine Weiner-Reed are pleased to present their exhibition PORTRAITS OF LIFE: Once Upon a Story. This is an Ekphrastic exhibit where the images of Rimpo and Weiner-Reed’s visual art inspires written word, poetic, and musical interpretations of their paintings. Special events are scheduled throughout the ongoing exhibit for written word readings and musical presentations. 

Both artists are storytellers, so they invite others to imagine and retell the stories told in their paintings. Traditionally, the term Ekphrasis is limited to interpreting visual art through the written word. This exhibit expands this meaning to include musical interpretation, as well. The musical collaborations include lyrics and music of any genre. In addition to popular music, a pair of classical musicians have created and recorded performances to be included in the Closing Reception. In their original compositions, they used a combination of electronics, violins, and a traditional instrument called the Viol, that predates the violin. 

The community is invited to write and share their own interpretations. Join us and enjoy the artwork and creative collaborations. A virtual gallery will also be available during the exhibit at the link below. 

Youth Art Month - A Virtual Exhibit

The Baltimore County Arts Guild is pleased to sponsor our annual Baltimore County Youth Art Month exhibit, featuring students from our local middle & high Schools.

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Current Exhibits 

The Clubhouse- 10 St. Timothy Lane, Catonsville