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Arts & Drafts Festival
Insurance, Exhibitor Licensing, and Terms Acknowledgement

Certificates of Insurance

All Artist Exhibitors, Sponsor Exhibitors, and Performers at the Arts & Drafts Festival shall procure and maintain at their own expense policies of Commercial General Liability insurance on an occurrence form including personal injury, advertiser’s liability, products liability, completed operations, with limits no less than $1,000,000.00 per occurrence and in the aggregate combined single limit bodily injury and property. Certificates of the issuance of every such policy shall be available for BCAG and Diageo Beer Company USA to review upon request. Each such insurance policy must hold harmless and shall name Baltimore County Arts Guild and Diageo Beer Company USA as additional insureds and shall not be cancelable, terminable or subject to material change without thirty (30) days’ prior written notice to BCAG and Diageo Beer Company USA, unless such policy is replaced with the same coverage. The Exhibitor’s insurance obligations do not limit the Exhibitor’s potential liability to BCAG or Diageo Beer Company USA or any other party, or otherwise limit the Exhibitor’s indemnification obligations detailed herein or in the additional Terms & Conditions set forth by Guinness Open Gate Brewery and Diageo US as referenced above. All insurance policies required hereunder shall be maintained with insurance companies that are rated A- or better by AM Best.

Artist Exhibitors and Performers that do not already carry the required insurance as part of their business may inquire with their personal property insurance provider for coverage or purchase a low-cost policy for coverage for the days of the Event. The following options are available:

Please upload proof of your insurance via Certificates of Insurance, one each that names the following as additional insured:


Baltimore County Arts Guild

1101 Maiden Choice Lane

Baltimore, MD 21229


Diageo Beer Company, North America

5001 Washington Blvd

Halethorpe, MD 21227

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Artist Exhibitor Licensing

(If you are a Performer or Sponsor Exhibitor, please skip to the next section)

The State of Maryland requires that all entities conducting business in the State, including art exhibitors selling their work at festivals, be properly licensed as a Trader. Review the regulations here

Artist Exhibitors that maintain a MD Sales & Use Tax License may present it as their Trader's License.

Artists Exhibitors that have neither a Trader's License nor a MD Sales & Use Tax License may instead provide an Exhibitor's Affidavit (should they qualify). The Exhibitor's Affidavit form can be found here.

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Terms Acknowledgement - All Participants

All Artist Exhibitors, Sponsor Exhibitors, and Performers at the Arts & Drafts Festival are required to acknowledge and agree to the following terms set Forth by Guinness Open Gate Brewery and Diageo Beer Company USA:

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