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We’re hiring!
The Baltimore County Arts Guild, a non-profit organization located in Catonsville, Maryland, is seeking an Executive Director to manage an expanding community of artists and audiences.  This individual will oversee all Guild locations and activities including the Guild’s Art Center, Guild studios and the Catonsville Arts District. The Executive Director position supervises projects and initiatives, directs community outreach, develops collaborative relationships, manages website and social media platforms, writes grants, works with the board on development and fundraising projects, grows and retains members and oversees reporting and bookkeeping. 
The successful candidate will work within a diverse, inclusive culture to foster the arts in Baltimore County with the goal of enhancing the vibrancy of the county’s cultural, educational, recreational, and economic sectors. The Executive Director will be an excellent communicator, with strong written and verbal skills, a proven track record of working with groups and other organizations to implement determined strategies, cultivate community relationships, generate financial support and direct the organization.  A minimum of five years of work experience in the nonprofit management of the arts, fundraising and community engagement is preferred.
The position is effective July 6, 2022.
The closing date for this position is Friday June 3, 2022.  Submit a cover letter and resume to:

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