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Arts & Drafts Festival Artist Exhibitor
Space Fee Payment Form

$300: Booth Space (no access to electricity)

Booth Requirements

Exhibitors are responsible for providing their own booth and display equipment, including tents, tables and chairs. All tents must be fire-rated (must meet NFPA 701 standards), have a suitable backdrop and sides for security, and be weighted down at each corner with 30-40 pound bags of sand per corner. All booths and displays must be wind-resistant and able to withstand large crowds. Water-resistant coverings and weights are highly recommended to protect displays. These items will not be supplied to Exhibitors. The Event organizers and/or representatives of the Event venue reserve the right to strike, shut down, or close any exhibit that is not weighted properly or presents any concern for public safety. Event organizers are not responsible for any harm or damage which occurs to an Exhibitor’s property.

Double-Sided Booth Option

We have a few booth spaces that allow for shoppers to approach the booth from 2 separate aisles. Are you able/willing to set up your booth so that it's open to both the front and the back? 

(Note: If you select"Yes" we will contact you prior to the event to let you know if you've definitely been placed in a double-sided booth or not)

Select an option

New for 2023: Maker Space Opportunity



In an effort to enhance the festival experience for the artists and visitors, we are planning to incorporate more hands-on art-making opportunities. Do you have a maker space activity (that you could charge for if desired) that you would like to offer to guests in conjunction with your artwork sales?


If so, please submit a description and photo of the activity you'd like to offer.

The Arts & Drafts Festival Committee will review submissions and get in touch with further details.

Upload File

Thanks for submitting!

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