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Catonsville Historical Society gives the Baltimore County Arts Guild $52,000 to implement the second phase of the Public Arts Grant award!


The first phase of the Catonsville Historical Society's Public Arts Grant supported the creation of a Public Arts Master Plan for the Catonsville Arts District. Art Builds Community, a public arts consultant, was hired to guide an extensive community engagement process that resulted in a comprehensive Public Art Master Plan.

The finished plan will:


1) Identify and prioritize key sites and themes where the public can engage with history, community, and art in new and surprising forms.

2) Create a process for the selection of incomparable art. 

3) Identify design concepts for unique wayfinding markers and interactive components of public art that will engage participants in the stories of Catonsville. This Public Arts Masterplan is to be completed by June 2023. 

The second phase of Catonsville Historical Society's generous distribution of funds will support initial implementation of this Public Arts Master Plan. Using the new vision, the Baltimore County Arts Guild will first work with other stakeholders to implement a series of durable, professionally designed artistic wayfinding markers, each a unique aesthetic statement that will mark an important part of Catonsville's vibrant community history.


Secondly, using the goals and process laid out in the community-based plan, the funds along with matching funds will support the implementation of site-specific interactive public art designed to attract, foster and uphold the highest levels of excellence. Each of these pieces will be carefully integrated into the surroundings. It will be integrated throughout the downtown and contain interactive content that tell hidden stories and perhaps, future aspirations of Catonsville. It might be murals that transform blank walls, or sculptures that engage the viewer. Whether 2-D or 3-D, these works create gathering areas that will shape and define both new and enhanced public spaces and will be inspired by stories of historic and contemporary challenges faced by our community.






This project is made possible by the support of the Catonsville Historical Society, the Maryland State Arts Council, the Citizens of Baltimore County and the Baltimore County Arts Guild.

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