Artists in Residence

The Baltimore County Arts Guild’s resident artists are part of the Guild’s Gallery @ 1101 experience. The Gallery provides space for all styles of creative artists. This is a setting away from their usual environment and obligations. Here artists explore their art, meet new people, and experience their artistic life in a distinctive location. Visitors get a glimpse into the work life of an artist. This space supports the Guild mission of supporting artists and bringing arts experiences to Baltimore County residents.

Julie Anderson
Kate Arslambakova

Stephanie Burgee

Shirley Hubalek

Duane Lutsko

Margaret McKinley

Morna McNulty

Suzanne Morgan

Melanie Sanderson

Brian Schropp

Nick Swaner

Kim Tyson

Ron Wise

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Member artists

Julia Andersen
Kate Arslambakova

Katie Basloma
Brian Behm

Elizabeth Britton
Stephanie Burgee

Elizabeth Burin

Jane Byers

Alice Dvoskin
Alice Faber
Rebecca Jane Hanna
Shirley Hubalek

Millie Isaacs
Benjamin Jancewicz

Mark Kennedy

Art Landerman

Suzanne Morgan
Sharon Parrish
Salem Players
Mark Selby

Jay Thomas II
Christopher Whitehead

Mallory Wierzbicki

Ron Wise

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