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ResidenT Artists

The Guild’s Resident Artists have access to all Guild programs including first access to exhibit and class instruction opportunities. The Guild provides affordable studio space in a collaborative environment which serves as a dedicated setting to for artists to work. Artists explore their art through different mediums, and participate in open studios, exhibits and classes. In response to the Pandemic and the overwhelming request for affordable spaces for both experienced and emerging artists, the Guild doubled their studio space in 2020 and added three new spaces for merit-based scholarships. The 1101 Gallery space currently supports 17 artists and, as we continue to build out studios, the list continues to grow.

Pattie Archuleta

Kate Arslambakova

Stephanie Burgee

Shirley Hubalek

Jeanine McClain

Kris McElroy

Rice McKelvin

Margaret McKinley

Morna McNulty

Rikiesha Metzger

Suzanne Morgan

Melanie Sanderson

Brian Schropp

Nick Swaner

Alexis Tyson

Siobhan Vicens

Ron Wise

To Learn More About the Resident Artist Program, Click on the Link Below

Resident Artists should use the link below to pay their monthly rent.

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