Public Art RFP


The Baltimore County Arts Guild/Catonsville Arts District requests proposals from qualified arts and

culture planning consultants to collaborate with key cultural partners and community stakeholders to

create a public arts vision for the Catonsville Arts District through a vigorous public engagement process.


This community-led, professionally guided process will result in a comprehensive public art master plan, a document that will: 1) identify and prioritize key sites and themes where the public can engage with history, community, and art in new and surprising forms; 2) create a process for the selection of incomparable art; and 3) identify design concepts for unique wayfinding markers and interactive components of public art that will engage participants in the stories of Catonsville.


Our goal is to harness the power of placemaking through the creation of a destination-grade cultural






The Guild recognizes the generous support of the Catonsville Historical Society. Without their support this project would not be possible. We also acknowledge the support of the Maryland State Arts Council and the Citizens of Baltimore County.