Thank you for visiting our website to learn about the Baltimore County Arts Guild.  We appreciate your interest and welcome your involvement with us.  We are a group of artists, supporters, volunteers, benefactors and sponsors whose goal it is to share the arts throughout our communities continually working to “bring the arts home.”


The original inspiration for the Guild derived from a community leader’s visit to the Alexandria Virginia Torpedo factory which houses publicly accessible working artist studios, galleries, workshops, and more.  It was believed there was a need in Baltimore County for a similar support for the arts.  That certainty has proven correct.  


In October 2012 an essential group of artists and community supporters formed the nucleus of the Guild.

Since then it has grown immensely.  We now support County wide programs which include both the performing and visual arts.  We have developed a remarkable Gallery where a wide variety of exhibits, classes and arts experiences take place throughout the year.  There are twelve resident artists in exceptionally affordable studios at the Gallery whose involvement brings them a sense of community and belonging.   


The Guild’s success can be directly attributed to the generosity of our working Board, artists, volunteers and supporters.    We look forward to your participation with us as we continue the reach of the arts throughout Baltimore County.  We celebrate our mission of “bringing the arts home”.



Marilyn Maitland

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