Alice is a retired educator who continues to pursue painting, concentrating on traditional subjects such as still lifes, flowers, landscapes, and seascapes.  She feels that when she paints, her “heart sings in color!” Check out her website.


Art is an experienced, artist, illustrator and portrait painter who draws on over 30 years of experience in fine art, commercial art and graphic design.  He graduated Magna Cum Laude from the Maryland Institute College of Art (MICA) and now works in a wide range of media including watercolor, oils, pastels, charcoal, acrylics, oils, colored pencil, gouache and mixed media.

Visit his website.

“My work is dynamic and emotive. In large part my work discusses the internal or unseen parts of our physical existence, drawing heavily from emotion and spirituality, to ask questions about what around us and within us shapes our identity beyond our physicality.”

To see more of Brian’s work visit his personal website.

Benjamin Jancewicz is a Baltimore, Maryland based visual artist whose work is shown in galleries, cafes and homes around the United States and Canada. He joins a cadre of creatives pioneering the vector technique. Trained in several traditional art forms, including photography, screen printing, sculpture and painting, Benjamin has found vector art to be a fulfilling and exciting new manifestation of his creative vision. As a vector artist, he uses the emerging form to create compelling pieces that share stories and inspire action.

For more of his work, visit his website.

Dave, a musician and wood turner, is expanding his interests to include custom handmade furniture and home furnishings.  His new workshop, Concept Wood Design LLC, is located in Linthicum, MD.

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Elizabeth is the face of Spirit of Nature Photography. She specializes in oil and watercolor paintings, photography, and one-of-a-kind blank greeting cards.

See Elizabeth’s work here.

Felisa is a Cuban-born, award winning artist.  Her vibrant paintings and collages are influenced by studies in Maryland and at the Ringling School of Art in Sarasota, Florida.
Harper is a Baltimore artist specializing in watercolor and acrylic paintings of flowers and cottage scenes.  She uses deep, vivid color to express strong emotion in her paintings.

Iris has a degree in architecture and began working in pottery in 2005.  Her work is an international amalgam, combining her Spanish heritage and American culture.

View Iris’ work here.

Art projects have always been a part of my life. From carving horses out of bath sized Ivory Soap bars when ten to creating posters for all my high school class activities, I was involved and content. Classes and experimentation in numerous mediums found me, at last, taking up painting in water colors for the past two decades. I still paint in oil and acrylics but love to be commissioned for house portraits done in watercolor. And most of my 40 paintings in my 2009 published hard cover “coffee table book”: Gardens of Catonsville” are watercolor paintings. A few are still available by contacting me:
Born and raised in New York City, Jay’s early art creations were greatly influenced by comic book artists such as John Romita, Steve Ditko, and Jim Steranko. During the late 70’s and early 80’s, Jay tried unsuccessfully to join the artistic ranks of both Marvel and DC comics. By 1982, he had become discouraged with the comic book style art that he had been doing, and proceeded to drastically change his style of art. This was the year that he plunged headlong into Pen & Ink Pointillism. Over the next few years, Jay was able to display his art in shows all throughout NYC, Long Island, and Connecticut, and became a member of various art groups such as: The Huntington Township Art League, The Long Island Black Artist Association, and The Harlem StreetGallery. Jay has since abandoned the Pen & Ink Pointillism style (Too costly and time consuming) and now focuses on creating art utilizing Colored Pencils and Ink. He currently resides in Elkridge, MD. with his two daughters, Taja and Kassandria.
Learn more about Joel here.

Julia is a MICA alum, educator and art therapist, knowing the power of art-making to heal and transform lives. Working primarily in oils, she values the process of painting as well as the product. Her recent cloudscapes focus on the process of change in light and color. Check the 1101 Gallery website for upcoming classes.

Artist’s statement: My works directly respond to the surrounding environment and use everyday experiences as a starting point, later becoming metaphors for events in my life. Often these are framed instances that would go unnoticed in their original context. I create works that deal with the documentation of events and the question of process and physical representation. With a conceptual approach, I try to increase the dynamic between audience and my work by objectifying basic human emotions and investigating the duality that develops through different interpretations. I find the creative process just as exciting and important as the finished work and often use the act of art making as a form of therapy to bring forth the subconscious and ordinarily hidden. More info

Lisa is trained in three dimensional sculpture, often using welding and repurposed materials.  A number of her works are in private collections. Pieces can be commissioned.

See some of Lisa’s work here.

Mark uses a variety of media including painting, print-making, drawing, sculpture, and photography.  His work reflects his personal struggle for balance between chance-choice, human-nature, growth-decay.

Mark Selby specializes in custom artwork, small and large murals, logo design, window graphics, family and home portraits.

His website features more of his work and contact information.

View Marty’s work here.

Someone once said “If you love what you are doing, then it is like never working a day in your life.” Michelle couldn’t agree more! Michelle has a B.A. in Interior Design from the University of Delaware, and has designed residential and commercial interiors since 1991. She has had 3 solo art exhibits, and has been a part of 5 group exhibits. In July 2015, Michelle created an Etsy shop called “Hampstead Creek” where she sells art and reclaimed wood accessories.

Visit her website.

Millie is a painter, print maker, and former hand-paper maker who has a working studio in Woodberry.  She is now experimenting in a new venture that combines her past works with other visual media.

Nonnie is a fused glass artist whose floral pieces juxtapose the fragility of the blooms with the permanence of glass.

Her work is found in shops and galleries around the United States, including those of several glass museums, as well as on her website.

Rebecca is an American assemblage artist, who works with various combinations of photography, found objects and mixed media usually constructed in a shadow box format. She earned a BFA from Maryland Institute College of art in 1985. Rebecca is also a certified teacher of Life as a Waking Dream, a Jungian method of self-healing offered by Teleos Institute. She is currently residing in Baltimore, Maryland.  Learn more on her website.


Ron retired after 40 years in the advertising field.  He has been satisfying his desire to create with acrylics, mixed media and any other medium that crosses his path.  He considers himself an experimental artist.

Through the medium of drama, in service to the congregation and community, the Salem Players will endeavor to both entertain and explore the human conditions in celebration and contemplation of God’s grace.  In its activities, Salem Players will use the benefits of common discipline and inter-generational fellowship as a channel for those whose artistic talent, varied skills, and good nature draws them to join in the creative challenge and redeeming joy of a theatrical production. All to the Glory of God!

Check out Salem Players’website.

Sharon is an oil painter who enjoys painting still lifes, florals, and landscapes.  She has exhibited in Baltimore, Philadelphia, and on the Eastern Shore of Maryland.
Stephanie is a Baltimore, Maryland based freelance illustrator. Her work ranges in subject matter and media but focuses on the fantasy genre and the art of storytelling. She is a born traveler and is largely inspired by her experiences in Asia and love of cultural traditions, languages, and stories around the globe. She graduated from the Rhode Island School of Design in 2009 with a BFA in Apparel Design and consequently picked up some sweet sewing skills and a passion for self-expression. Stephanie also enjoys working with other artists of different ages encouraging them to follow their own path and cultivate their own imagination. Visit her website at


Suzanne is a jewelry maker and created a business called Native Spirit by Suzanne.
She designs her pieces from natural stones, beads, leather and textiles. She works with Native American silversmiths from different tribes in the Southwest. She has her creations at her studio for her customers to view and purchase.


A recent exhibitor at the Gallery@1101, learn more about Tara here.

Whitney is an interdisciplinary artist, educator and activist living in Baltimore City, MD. She completed her Masters of Art in Community Arts at the Maryland Institute College of Art (MICA) and is currently pursuing her MFA in Community Arts at MICA. From 2007-2012, Frazier was the Community Arts Coordinator at Child First Authority, a nonprofit organization providing after-school programs for Baltimore City Public Schools. In 2011-2012, Frazier completed the first three horizontal murals in major intersections in partnership with Baltimore City Department of Transportation, Hamilton Lauraville Main Streets and New Born Holistic Ministries. Whether she is creating murals, videos, performances or paintings, Frazier believes that through a collaborative process art has the ability to create social justice and strengthen our communities.

Check out her website here.