Volunteers are critical to our ability to carry out our mission.  A wide array of skills  and lots of hands-on assistance are needed.  And wonderful connections are made in the process of working together!  Contact us as baltocoarts@gmail.com to let us know how you would like to get involved.

If you are interested in being part of one of our committees, please contact the chairperson listed below via baltocoarts@gmail.com.

Reviews the condition and use of buildings, grounds, and equipment to support the mission of the Guild.  Recommends and oversees maintenance, utilities, and renovations.  Recommends and researches additional space or resources as required.

Contact: Trisha Chason

Oversees all finances including budgeting, investments, grants, and financial controls.  Identifies potential donors and partners and directs all major fundraising endeavors.

Contact: Scott Graham

Responsible for crafting and distributing all Guild messages and branding.  Develops strategies to communicate the mission and activities of the Guild to patrons, sponsors and the larger community. Includes website creation and management of all social media.

Contact: Trisha Chason

Recruits and builds membership to reflect the diversity of artists, patrons, and other organizations within our community.  Supports program development and conducts activities to meet the needs of our members.  Builds participation and volunteer experience.

Contact: Trisha Chason

Oversees new program development related to the priorities of the Guild and the interests of the community.  Initiates and guides program evaluation.  Oversees special events such as major exhibits or community gatherings.

Contact: Trisha Chason

Responsible for the development and updating of the Guild’s strategic and business plans.  Monitors the organization’s performance against measurable targets.

Contact: Vinson Bankoski

In addition to the above committees, which include community members, the organization also includes two committees composed solely of members of the Board of Directors:

Ensures effective governance practices.  Recruits and orients new board members.  Plans on-going Board training.

Contact: Kirby Spencer

Consists of officers of the Board. Guides the work of the Board and, under certain circumstances, acts on behalf of the Board.

Contact: Marilyn Maitland